Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to replace wet wood floors?

The amount and extent of the water damage, as well as the steps taken upon discovery, are determining factors for replacing or restoring your wood flooring. Taking action quickly by calling Best Option Restoration of East San Antonio is the first step in saving your water damaged floors. Our expert team acts quickly by addressing the source of the water. We use a specialized thermal drying system and dehumidifiers to ensure a swift and effective restoration process. If, at any point, we conclude that the damage is irreparable, we will promptly communicate this to you.

What exactly is a work authorization form, and why is signing it necessary?

Before Best Option Restoration of East San Antonio commences any work, we will ask you to sign a work authorization form. This form grants us permission to work on your property and allows us to communicate with your insurance company by providing them with a courtesy copy of the invoice. The work authorization form is specifically essential for emergency mitigation purposes. Additionally, if there is a need for further work beyond the initial phase, a comprehensive scope is usually produced in advance.

Are additional contractors typically needed during the restoration process?

No, they are often not required. Best Option Restoration of East San Antonio provides full-service restoration, including damage repair, removal, and complete restoration. In the event that additional contractors are necessary, we take care of organizing their services on your behalf.

Is it crucial to identify the specific type of mold?

Although identifying the exact type of mold or fungus might pique curiosity, it does not substantially alter the recommended course of action. Regardless of the mold type, the CDC suggests its removal when detected.

How does air duct cleaning benefit businesses?

Air duct cleaning offers numerous advantages, including energy cost reduction, prevention of mold growth, mitigation of bacteria, allergens, dirt, and debris, improvement of indoor air quality, optimization of air circulation and flow, and enhancement of the performance and lifespan of commercial HVAC systems.

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